Sunday, 18 February 2018

The story of this movie is to illustrate the bad and good side of curiosity. Curiosity as a natural feeling most of time we don't control it and the more things looks suspect the more we are curious about it, most of time we forget the consequences of knowing something that is :  putting us connect to that things directly, so curiosity can be bad if we can't control what we are about to know and good if we can control it wisely...

Base on a fictive story of a young who discovered a transaction of information about nuclear research that was happening in his bus stand, the young man will found out what was happening and help the police to arest all the peoples behind the transaction but will risks his life as well ...
As a first done work we learn more about filmmaking than the simple fact of knowing about it without practice and surely we still have a lot to learn about filmmaking but and the best way to learn it is only by practicing on other film project.

Pre production :-
The side of production "PLAY Creation" and "skylanduniverse"  decided on the location that was 3 days of out door shoot and 1 day of indoor shoot 
Same for the castings and crew mostly composed with old students of a filmmaking and Animation center "Maac Kalayanagar" except Mr Mahesh (vilain) .

Production :-
The movie was produced in 4days 
3days outdoor at the bustand 
And 1day indoor at the young man house 
We used cinematic light 4 fix light and 1 led, 2 canon 700d camera, 1 Nikon D5600, lenses 50mm f/1.8, 18-55 f/5.6, 70-200 f/5.6, 1 Cinematic Slider 4 feet and 2 Semi-Professional Tripod.

Post production :-
All the movie was edited on adobe premier pro and Adobe After effect ( for vfx ). And the music was founded on youtube on several music channels.

Short Film link 👉

Cast - Jeanpy K. "MRJP", Mahesh Kumar, Arun.G.S "ABHI" & AJ KSHATHRIYAS

Story-Screenplay - Joiel Lumbala, Chantal Akilimali & Jeanpy K. "MRJP"
Editing - Nikihil Venkatesh & Jeanpy K. "MRJP"
Sound Editing - Kishore Kumar KI
VFX - Jeanpy K. "MRJP"
Stills - Gauthier Mbaya
Creative Head - Sumithra sathyavani
Executive Producer - Arun Chandran
Cinematographer - Sabeshan "Sabby"
Direction - SunilChandran
Production - PLAY Creation & SkylandUniverse

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Rotoscoping plays one of the major tool in vfx department.
Rotoscoping is nothing but extraction of a image or the sequence from the live action film into another sequence.
We can also say it is one of the animation technique were artist try to trace the live action picture/footage.

There are different tools and software's to do Rotoscoping.
Power full tool which are mostly used in the vfx Industry is B-spline and Bezier.

B-spline : 
Is a spline function that has minimal support with respect to a given smoothness, and domain partition.
It's also be defined as a linear combination of control points.

Bezier :
Is a simple tool which connects from point A to Point B. It mean it is mostly used to draw a straight lines or the connecting splines.
These splines Liner based.
x-spline, Square, Circle are the other few tools of Rotoscoping which are used by the artist as per there experience and convenient.

These tools also work as the same as the above two.